MSW 50 seats 2 Years

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Eligibility :- Honours Graduate. (Minimum - 50% Marks.)

Age :- No age bar.

Course Fee :- Rs. 15000/- Per Semester.

MSW or Master of Social Work is a 2-year specialized postgraduate course that deals with macro and micro aspects of professional social work practices in community centres, hospitals, schools, and other social service organizations. MSW aspirants have ample employment opportunities in international sectors with job roles like Social Worker, Project Coordinator, Program Manager, Community Health Worker, etc.

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CYBER LAW 30 seats 1 Year

Diploma in Cyber Law

Eligibility :- Any Graduate.

Age :- No age bar.

Course Fee :-

Cyber Law is a specialisation in the field of law which looks into and rectifies legal issues related to the World Wide Web. Aspirants opting to specialise in the field of Cyber Law need to deal with criminal activities such as fraud, theft, forgery and defamation conducted on the internet.Lawyers in the field of Cyber Law deal with a broad area which includes freedom of expression, access to the internet, usage of internet as well as online privacy. While sorting out any issue, Cyber Law lawyers refer to the Indian Penal Code as well as the Indian Technology Act, 2000. Thus, some of the issues that form a part of Cyber Law are – Hacking, DOS attack, Virus/Worm attacks, Cyber terrorism, Credit card frauds, IPR violations, EFT frauds, Trafficking, Stalking, Harrasment, etc.

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